About JLLA™

JLLA is a leading provider of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), delivering trading facilities on forex, commodities and indices, alongside innovative trading technology.

Who We Are

JLLA, an Australian based company with its main offices located in the city of Hong Kong. JLLA currently offers a portfolio of over 2,000 instruments.

Client Money

When you open an account, JLLA Group Ltd will hold your funds on a segregated basis, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority's client money rules.

Client Money Protection

Highly Rated CFD Provider

JLLA is one of the highest rated CFD trading apps on Apple's App Store and Google Play as it is simple to use yet powerful in its many advanced features. It also includes CFDs on popular financial instruments.

Objectives & Vision

Our Strategy

JLLA has established a strong foundation from which it is well positioned to deliver future growth. JLLA’s strategic priorities have to date differentiated, and will continue to differentiate, JLLA from its competitors and be fundamental to JLLA’s future success.

Continue to acquire New Customers and retain Active Customers

JLLA’s own marketing has been and will continue to be the driving force behind New Customer growth within JLLA’s current markets and potential new jurisdictions.

These innovative marketing initiatives allow JLLA to deploy targeted marketing resources and develop highly effective marketing campaigns through the monitoring and control of customer acquisition spend based on data analytics tools and proprietary algorithms.

Increase trading volume from Active Customers on the Trading Platform

JLLA’s consistent focus on innovation, best-in-class user experience and breadth of offering are the key elements of increasing activity of Active Customers on the Trading Platform. JLLA’s continued emphasis on innovation will enable it to continue to be amongst the first to market in launching new instruments which customers find desirable, such as high profile, newly listed equities.

Increase market share in existing jurisdictions and expand into new jurisdictions

JLLA intends to increase its market share in the jurisdictions in which its offering is currently available and expand its geographic reach over time through entry into new jurisdictions in which it does not currently have customers and by focusing on acquiring New Customers from regulated markets, particularly those New Customers residing in Western European countries.

Continue leadership in innovation and Research & Development (“R&D”)

Since its inception, JLLA has put significant emphasis on its technological edge and continuous innovation.

The Company understands the need to develop and deploy new and innovative financial instruments as part of its strategy to continue to build a loyal and engaged customer base.

JLLA is an industry leader within the CFD sector in mobile innovation and customer satisfaction.

Continue to optimise our operating model to further drive financial performance

The continued investment in and development of the Marketing Machine will enable JLLA to further enhance its ability to efficiently and cost-effectively acquire New Customers.

The nature of JLLA’s proprietary technology enables it to expand into new geographies without the need for a physical presence in those markets, which in turn limits the capital expenditure required to increase its geographic reach.

Our Vision

Being the no.1 global CFD provider while continuing to lead in technology and innovation, and attracting new and existing customers.

Key milestones

JLLA was founded in 2008. The Trading Platform enabled clients to trade on movements in the price of shares, indices, forex and ETFs without having to buy or sell the underlying instrument.
  • 2008 The original JLLA Group is founded, launching its PC-based online trading platform.
  • 2009 JLLA Group offer CFD on shares without commission.
  • 2010 JLLA Group launches a web based version, allowing Mac, Linux and smartphone users to trade online.
  • 2011 JLLA Group has more than 1,000,000 monthly transactions.
  • JLLA Group launches the first iPhone and iPad app that allows clients full control on the go.
  • JLLA is the highest rated CFD trading app on Apple's App Store.
  • 2012 JLLA Group introduces its app for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • JLLA Group sets the goal of becoming the world's #1 CFD trading company.
  • 2015 March - A Windows App is added to existing Android and iOS apps.
  • 2016 JLLA adds CFDs on Options and introduces the rollover function.
  • JLLA Group launches the new Web Trader, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.
  • 2018 JLLA Ltd’s ordinary shares are listed for trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market for Listed Companies.
Office Address

Hinds Building Kingstown VC0100 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Communication with customers and unsolicited approaches

To communicate with JLLA, customers should fill in the form available in the “Contact Us” page (the "Request Form"). Following the submission of the Request Form, JLLA’s response will be sent by email directly to the email address the customer specified in the Request Form.
Only emails received from either the jllagroup.com domain is legitimate email communications from JLLA. Any other emails claiming to be from JLLA are deemed to be fraudulent.

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